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Here you will be able to learn all about an amazing and transparent company called Arbistar 2.0. Born in 2018, Arbistar 2.0 develops and creates automated trading bots in the cryptocurrency, forex, and commodity markets allowing many members to achieve financial freedom. Click below to watch to view Arbistar 2.0's official presentation!


What is Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is the main attraction of Arbistar 2.0. "Arbitrage" is the act of buying one cryptocurrency low on one exchange and selling higher on another exchange. Arbistar 2.0's technology is connected to 16 different exchanges and does this only when the bot can make a profit, making it a very lucrative opportunity.



Arbitrage is the act of buying/selling cryptocurrrency simultaneously at the same time. Because the value of crypto is different on each exchange, Arbistar 2.0 is connected to 16 exchanges. Buying a coin low on one exchange and immediately selling for higher on another exchange. This process is very safe and done only when there is profit to be made.


Meet the team

The "Core Team"

Viktor Frantz - Director and development and technology.

Diego Felipe Fernandez - Director of operations

Santi Fuentes - Executive Director

the team.PNG

The fully-automated "community bot"

The "Community Bot" is a legal form of crowlending. Most members choose this one as it's the quickest & easiest to use. 100% automatic and FREE.


The almost complete "personal bot pro"

The personal bot pro is currently being used and tested by some fellow members. So far it's showing great results! Soon this will be the most valuable product Arbistar 2.0 has to offer.


HQ of Arbistar 2.0

Anyone is allowed to go visit them if you simply email them and request a time to visit. You can meet the team and get a look behind the scenes. This shows amazing transparency and trust to the company.


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My personal Arbistar 2.0 backoffice

As an Arbistar 2.0 freelancer, I have the great privilage of sharing this opportunity. My backoffice is a sleek, easy to use interface. Which will be shown in "Getting started with Arbistar 2.0's official video link" below. Here are just some images showing my own personal returns I couldn't be happier with.

cumulated income = for the week
cumulated income = for the week

press to zoom
daily returns
daily returns

press to zoom
my dashboard - payout information - compounding is on
my dashboard - payout information - compounding is on

press to zoom
cumulated income = for the week
cumulated income = for the week

press to zoom

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